Start the dinner off right! An appetizer that’s fresh, tasty and beautifully
served the perfect way to start a perfect day!
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
Med: 2.95 Large: 5.95
Tomato Juice
Med: 2.15 Large: 3.15
Juice (Apple/Grapefruit/Fruit Punch)
Bottle : 2.15
Chef’s Salad 4.95
Greek Salad Appetizer: 9.25
A combination of fresh greens, Feta cheese
and black olives brought to life with our
own dressing Meal : 10.25
Homemade Soup of the day: 3.15
You heard me say homemade and I mean it,Only the fresh ingredients and only the fresh results
Bagel & Cream cheese 4.55

Side Orders

Fried Mushrooms 5.35
Onion Rings 4.85
Fried Onions 3.95
Pickles 3.85
French Fries Home Cut 4.15
With Gravy: 4.45

Salad and Cold Meat

Combination Salad 15.95
Salmon or Chicken 15.95
Cold Ham 15.95
Cold Beef 15.95
Egg and Potato Salad 13.50

Hot Sandwiches

Served with I Homemade gravy, potatoes & Vegetables
Beef 13.75
Chicken 13.75
Liver 11.95
Hamburger 11.95
Hot Meat Pie (Dinner) 11.35
With (gravy Only: 7.35

Pan Cakes

Pan Cake or French Toast 9.15
Served with Syrup and Butter
Wheat Cakes or French Toast 13.85
Served with Ham, Bacon or Sausage

3 Decker

Club house 11.75
Chicken, Bacon, Tomato, lettuce,mayonnaise
California 11.75
Ham, cheese. Lettuce, tomato
Wexford Special 11.75
Chicken, cheese. Bacon, tomato,lettuce
3 Decker Sandwiches with French Fries 14.25

Eggs and Omelettes

Served with Toast and home Fries. That’s what made the Wexford
3 Eggs and style 9.00
Ham or Bacon and 3 Eggs 10.25
Peameal Bacon and 3 Eggs 10.75
With one Egg 9.75
Ham or Bacon and 1 Egg 9.75
Plain Omelette 9.15
Cheese Omelette 9.75
Chicken Omelette 13.75
Western Omelette 12.95
Mushroom Omelette 12.95


Kaiser $0.20 extra
Corned Beef or Rye 7.15
Salmon 7.15
Roast Beef 7.15
Cold Chicken 7.15
Bacon and Egg 6.35
Ham or Bacon and Tomato 6.35
Grilled Bacon and Cheese 6.35
Western 6.35
Cheese and Tomato 6.33
Chopped Egg or Tomato and lettuce 6.35
Ham and Lettuce 6.35
Bacon 6.35
Fried Egg 4.75
Grilled or Plain Cheese 4.75
Chicken Salad 6.35
Salmon Salad 6.35,
Tuna 6.35 , Tuna Salad 6.35

Big Burgers

All our burgers are 4 ounces of freshly ground beef Seasoned with the finest ingredients by our chefs.
Royal Burger.. 9.95
Beef burger on bun. ,Melted cheese, bacon, french-fries.
Hamburger 4.95
Choice beef relish, union, mustard, tomato
Banquet Burger 8.75
Ham burger with bacon and cheese
Cheeseburger 5.75
Hamburger with, melted cheese
Bacon Burger 8.15
Hamburger with grilled bacon
Beef Burger Deluxe 13.95
Barbecue .sauce. French-fries
Hot Dog 4.65
Tony’s Double Burger 13.75
With 2 slices of peameal bacon and golden Brown french-fries . Mmmm Good...!

Chicken Souvlaki 16.50
Served with village style Greek Salad & Tzatziki sauce
Pork Souvlaki 15.95
Served with village style Greek Salad & Tzatziki sauce
Pork or chicken Souvlaki 11.65
Served with Pita bread as a sandwich with tomato onions & Tzatziki sauce




 New York sirloin Steak 23.95
Boneless New York sirloin Steak just the right size cut, You will like it.........!
½ Lb Chopped Sirloin 13.95
Our juicy sirloin requires two things a knife and fork! Served with friedonions potatoes and vegetables
½ Lb Mushroom steak Plate 13.95
A big thick juicy hamburger steak cooked to the perfection for your liking and smothered with fresh mushrooms / Mmm Good.........!

Chicken fingers (4 pieces) 11.95
Moist and tender chicken strips lightly breaded and deep fried with fries and plum sauce
Cheese Steak Plate 13.95
A big thick juicy hamburger steak with melted Canadian cheddar cheese. Simply Irresistible
Breaded Veal Cutlet 16.95
Look no further! Served with our own BBQ Sauce, Wexford’s Breaded Veal cutlet is here to stay
Pork Chopped plate 20.95
Two large tender juicy pork chops from specially selected loins of pork Served with apple sauce
Single Pork Chops 11.95
Baby Beef Liver 13.95
Served with fried onions or grilled bacon. Our famous chef breaded baby beef liver is sure to satisfy any Liver Lover

Pure Pork Sausages 12.50
The answer to Where’s the pork, is definitely to be found in our famous “Pure Pork Sausages”
Ham Steak 18.75
A thick cut of hickory ham, perfectly grilled to satisfy the taste buds of the customers.
Mixed Grilled Plate (you have to try it) 19.95
Grilled pork chop and apple sauce rasher of freshly cut bacon, Canadian sausages and hamburger patty smothered with homemade gravy
Spaghetti 13.50
At its best, real homemade Italian style spaghetti served with choice of chicken or mushrooms
With Meat sauce only 11.50
All above entrees excluding spaghetti served with your choice of potatoes hot vegetables and fresh dinner roll and butter

Grilled Halibut Steak with Lemon 19.95
“A Highly recommended dish.” A quote by our chef
Breaded Filet of Sole 19.95
A selection of fish which satisfies the taste of seafood lovers. Served with potatoes and vegetables
2 Pcs of 4 Oz (Ounces) Fish and chip 17.95
1 Pcs of 4 Oz (Ounce) Fish and chip 11.95
Halibut Take out Order 17.95
“Homemade perfection”

Served with Meat Sauce or Feta

Cheese for Only $ 9.99

Salad 3.95 with any entry Tax Extra



Each desert we serve is made fresh daily on the premises. Visit our desert display case for delights that leave your “sweet tooth satisfied”

Assorted Pies 3.95

Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Pumpkin, Pecan,
Coconut cream 

With Ice Cream or Whipped Cream 6.15

Homemade Rice Pudding 3.55




Assorted Ice Cream 3.85
Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry


Chocolate 4.35
Orange 4.35
Vanilla 4.35
Strawberry 4.35
Chocolate 5.55
Strawberry 5.55
Butterscotch 5.55


Fresh ground Colombian coffee 2.25
Tea 2.25
Milk Small 2.25 Large 3.35
Iced Tea (Can) 2.15
Milk Shakes 4.35
Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry, Chocolate Milk
Small 2.25
Large 3.35
Pop 2.25