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Fonder Mr. Kiriakos Kiriakou  (Father)

Brothers  Thomas and Anthony Kiriakou  – 1958

Brothers   Anthony and Thomas  Kiriakou – 2008


The Story of the Wexford Restaurant 

The Wexford Restaurant was established in May of 1958, by the Kirk Bros, Tony and Tommy and is situated at the Wexford Heights Shopping Plaza, Lawrence Avenue East, at Warden in Scarborough, ON.

The fine restaurant started in a modest way, seating about 50 persons. Today, with recent improvements, such as modern decor, latest cooking equipment and larger premises, it seats over 300 patrons at one time.

From the very first, the Kirk Bros. insisted on the highest quality foods being used in the preparation of their full course dinners, lunches, snacks, and breakfast.

“Breakfast at the Wexford” has become a must for food lovers who have tasted their delicious bacon and egg combination. 500 dozen eggs are used daily by our chefs-that’s over 2 billion eggs since 1958 and the eggs are truly fresh.

Specials such as Italian Spaghetti, Peameal Bacon on a Kaiser, Corned Beef on Rye.and the best Hamburger dishes in town, as well as the Golden Cup Award for the best coffee in Canada puts the Wexford in a class by itself.

For steak lovers, there are several cuts and combinations to suit the most delicate taste. As Tony says, “Quality means everything to us.” It built our business and we have the best customers to prove it.